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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Corey Liuget, St. Louis Rams Meet In Yet Another Mock

This will be my lasting impression of 2011 NFL Draft season: Corey Liuget, St. Louis Rams, over and over, forever. Since Julio Jones startled Rams fans out of complacency with a perfect NFL Combine performance Corey Liuget has been the mock drafter's second-choice of choice, combining filling a real need for the Rams with considerably higher draftability than Jones; when Liuget isn't a Ram, lately, he's gone as far as the mid-20s, to teams like the New Orleans Saints.

SpreeGoogs has the latest Liuget mock draft, and comes to that conclusion for the reasons we've been seeing—for one thing, Julio Jones is gone (to the Washington Redskins, of course, at No. 10), and for another, the Rams need a solid, physical, ready-to-start young defender, and Corey Liuget happens to be one of those.

I wouldn't order your authentic Liuget jersey from the team store just yet, but a homemade shersey seems in order, if this is any indication; I don't know what the St. Louis Mock Rams play, but Corey Liuget has officially been named their team captain.