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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper Sticks With Corey Liuget On Draft Day

Mel Kiper's final 2011 NFL Mock Draft will be old news to St. Louis Rams fan—the draft guru once again selected Illinois DT Corey Liuget as the Rams' 14th overall pick, harbinger of a draft day that, if the mockers are any indication, will prove to be solid but unspectacular, just like the Rams' first-round mock pick.

By my count, this is the millionth mock draft to send Liuget to the Rams in the last two weeks, but I can't exactly complain. I can't cheer, but I can't complain.  

Liuget is a hard pick to sell, even with the Mel Kiper seal of approval, because the Rams' defensive line was often very sturdy indeed last season; he would be drafted not because the Rams' line is so terrible, but because, given its age and arguably fluky performance, it's unlikely to play that well again. It's hard to convince fans to tread water on a pick like this, but Liuget's unlikely to disappoint in any way except his failure to be a dynamic, touchdown-happy wide receiver.

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