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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Bill Parcells's Idiosyncratic Big Board

Bill Parcells, not noted for his cheery manner or analytical way of explaining himself, spent much of Wednesday offering up his big board, presenting a distinctly Big Tuna 2011 NFL Mock Draft. For St. Louis Rams fans the big news wasn't that Julio Jones is, shockingly, one of the two best wide receivers in the draft; it was that Parcells thinks Illinois DT Corey Liuget, Rams mock draft hero, is a second round talent. 

Parcells's ESPN special was ostensibly about his draft philosophy and methods, but pre-draft coverage tends to atomize and decompress until it becomes list after list of players, and Parcells, as a public figure and list-maker, proved to be no exception. 

Turf Show Times's explanation for Liuget—that Parcells is a 3-4 guy, and also a huge fan of controversial DE J.J. Watt—takes the edge off a little, but Bill Parcells is more fun when you can react to him with vitriol and indignation. So how dare he underrate the mock drafters' favorite future St. Louis Ram? How dare he?