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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay's Final Mock Is Corey Liuget-Infused

Todd McShay's final 2011 NFL Mock Draft will not come as a shock to any St. Louis Rams fan who's seen his (or Mel Kiper's) previous work—once again the Rams have been connected to Illinois DT Corey Liuget, he of the "relentless motor" and "disruptive force." Kiper and McShay both seemed to settle on Liuget at the same moment the rest of the mock draft field did, with Aldon Smith moving up and Julio Jones well out of sight. McShay is as high on Jones as any analyst in mock-football; he goes all the way up to the Cleveland Browns in this final mock draft, with Aldon Smith moving even further, to outside linebacker and the Arizona Cardinals.

With the top defensive ends gone and Julio Jones a top-10 pick, Corey Liuget simply makes the most sense for mock draft forecasters of the Rams at this point. Of course, all it takes is one pick out of the Todd McShay-Mel Kiper expected equilibrium for all of that to become much messier and more interesting.