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NFL Draft 2011 Streaming Live On

The 2011 NFL Draft will be streaming live online this year, in addition to being broadcast on ESPN and NFL Network, so if your TV schedule is too packed, if you’re at work, if you’re sneaking glimpses while doing something important—well, there’s no excuse not to be able to watch, if you can see this page. Click here to stream the draft live with Rich Eisen, Roger Goodell, and a crowd of people kind of pissed off about the NFL lockout, whether it’s over or not.

For added stereotypical NFL superfan bonus points, try to watch the ESPN, NFL Network, and feeds simultaneously, perhaps while attempting to form a psychic link with Mel Kiper at the same time.

Of course, there are other, less intense options, some of which involve this very website. If you’re watching on a TV instead of your ThinkPad’s display, be sure to refresh our stream for live updates and analysis all through the first round of the NFL Draft. We’ll be updating all night, come Jimmy Clausen or high water.