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2011 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Pick J.J. Watt To Tighten Porous Defense

Few teams were more likely to make a pick on one side of the ball than the Houston Texans, who combined one of the league’s most dynamic offenses with one of the league’s least-intimidating defenses. J.J. Watt, junior defensive end from Winconsin, is their first step in changing that, a famously intense “motor” guy who also happens to have a number of defensive talents to his name. His size and quickness will help him “punish” opposing tight ends, according to ESPN’s on-the-floor analysts.

The Houston Texans finished ninth in the NFL in points scored, thanks to quarterback Matt Schaub and running back Arian Foster, but finished 29th in points allowed, sacking the quarterback just 30 times and allowing 33 touchdowns through the air. Watt sacked the quarterback seven times in just his second season on the defensive side of the ball after a college career that began at tight end.

You can find a great J.J. Watt scouting report at Blogging the Boys, SB Nation’s Dallas Cowboys blog.