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2011 NFL Draft Picks: Minnesota Vikings Take Quarterback Christian Ponder

The 2011 NFL Draft’s quarterback onslaught continues following the Tennessee TItans’ stunning selection of Jake Locker in the Top 10—the Minnesota Vikings, mock drafters’ consensus Locker destination, found themselves scrambling to find a Brett Favre replacement with the 12th-overall pick in the NFL Draft. Drafting for need instead of going after the best player available, the Vikings selected Florida State’s Christian Ponder, the fourth quarterback to go in the first 12 picks of the draft.

Ponder is an accurate, intelligent quarterback without any exceptional tools who was not expected to go this early. He was a possible 2010 draft selection before a separated shoulder ended his 2009 season and forced him to return to the Seminoles for his senior year.

The Vikings could still go after a veteran quarterback if the NFL lockout restrictions on free agency lift any time soon, but their considerable offensive weapons might make Ponder’s transition to the NFL easier than it is for the average rookie quarterback.