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2011 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins Bolster Offensive Line, Pick Mike Pouncey 15th

Mike Pouncey, twin brother of star 2010 rookie Maurkice Pouncey, became the 15th overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft Thursday night when the Miami Dolphins chose the versatile offensive lineman over the fifth quarterback in the draft so far or common mock draft pick Mark Ingram. Chad Henne, who was sacked 30 times in 14 2010 starts, will appreciate Henne no matter where he ends up; he’s played all over the offensive line, though he’s primarily a center.

Brother Maurkice was among the best centers in football after just one season on the job, making the 2010 Pro Bowl and starting all 16 games as a rookie. Mike is unlikely to be quite so strong from the beginning, but being the second-best Pouncey in the NFL is, in this case, not such a bad thing.

The Dolphins’ offensive line allowed 38 sacks in 2010, and neither Ronnie Brown nor Ricky Williams found himself able to reach his previous heights at running back. Instead of upgrading at quarterback or running back the Dolphins have attempted to upgrade at both.