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2011 NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts Pick Anthony Castonzo To Block For Peyton Manning

The Indianapolis Colts are in no hurry to upgrade at quarterback, but in the 2011 NFL Draft they might have found a way to make Peyton Manning even better, selecting offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo to protect their Hall of Fame quarterback’s blind side. A pass-blocking specialist, Castonzo has great size and will help Manning run the Colts’ offense immediately.

Stampede Blue loves this pick, suggesting it was well past time that the Colts relied on somebody other than Manning himself to protect perhaps the best quarterback in NFL history.

Castonzo comes purpose-built for that; some teams are worried about his deficiencies against the run, but there are few better situations for a player like that than in the Colts’ pass-heavy offense. They’re ready to see him start immediately, and they’re unlikely to be disappointed.

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