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2011 NFL Draft Results: Seattle Seahawks Surprise With James Carpenter

Expected by many 2011 NFL Draft watchers to take a quarterback with Matt Hasselbeck on the decline, the Seattle Seahawks instead took a player many didn’t even have near the first round—offensive lineman James Carpenter of Alabama, who Mel Kiper saw as a second rounder. Carpenter’s young and has good size, but it looks like the Seahawks, after trying to trade down, just decided to go for their man anyway.

Field Gulls appreciates his ability to hover but is worried about all the other players who were available at this spot. All things considered, the Seahawks were just in an awkward place—forced deep into the draft by a surprise playoff berth and unable to get deeper when none of the top players appealed to them, they had no choice but to take the player they liked, no matter where he was slotted. The offensive line did improve, Field Gulls concludes, no matter who ends up behind it.

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