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St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: Robert Quinn Grades High In Early Analysis

The St. Louis Rams' first pick of the 2011 NFL Draft was a surprise—and a pleasant one, if the early returns on Rams fans' responses to Robert Quinn's selection are any indication. Turf Show TImes describes the UNC defensive end as "a steal", a top-five talent with quickness and explosiveness, and after nearly 700 votes 80% of TST readers consider Quinn an A pick.

Mocking The Draft went even further, suggesting that, if he had been eligible to play in 2011, he could have elevated himself into becoming the No. 1 selection in the draft.

The Post-Dispatch is slightly more reserved in their quick capsule on Quinn, but realistically so—they note that at least at the start of 2012 he's most likely to see action strictly as a pass-rushing specialist, where he might already be a dominant force.

As for the official SB Nation St. Louis ruling, this is an outstanding pick, and the Rams should thank the Tennessee Titans in particular for selecting Jake Locker and initiating the series of picks that saw Robert Quinn and Nick Fairley slide toward the middle of the first round.