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St. Louis Rams Draft Picks: Lance Kendricks A Josh McDaniels Special

The St. Louis Rams' second pick of the 2011 NFL Draft was a surprise to fans who thought the team was set at tight end, but for an offense run by Josh McDaniels there's no such thing as too many tight ends; Lance Kendricks, a specialist who behaves at times more like a wide receiver than a tight end, is a perfect fit for McDaniels's system, if still a tight fit for the Rams' roster.

Prior to the Kendricks pick, when the Rams were being tied to Kyle Rudolph, the Rams had three tight ends likely to compete for playing time in the 2011 season—second-year pass-catcher Michael Hoomanawanui, who made some excellent plays for the Rams when he wasn't dealing with a pair of high-ankle sprains; Daniel Fells, a veteran who served while Hoomanawanui was out as Bradford's pressure-relief valve; and Fendi Onobun, the 6'6" basketball star with outstanding physical skills who the Rams drafted in 2010 in spite of his obvious rawness.

Most analysts consider this proof that McDaniels's two-tight-end sets will show up in St. Louis, and if that's the case Kendricks and Hoomanawanui could be a dangerous combination for Sam Bradford to utilize, and not just in traditional tight end roles.