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2011 NFL Draft Results: Marvin Austin Joins Teammate Robert Quinn In Draft

UNC’s scandal-ridden football team left defensive standouts Robert Quinn and Marvin Austin ineligible for an entire year of college football, but now both have been chosen in the 2011 NFL Draft, with massive DT Marvin Austin going to the New York Giants with the 52nd overall pick. There aren’t a lot of results to go on, but it’s hard to argue with his talent and potential.

Austin’s a great athlete for his size and a had a solid 2009 before the suspension wiped him out. But Austin’s work ethic and desire aren’t as well-evidenced as ex-teammate Robert Quinn, and some worry about his ability to translate his obvious talents to game-day situations.

The Mocking the Draft 2011 mock had him going considerably earlier to the Denver Broncos, at the start of the second round, so the Giants might have gotten a steal here if Austin’s 2010 absence didn’t effect his desire to play football.

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