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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Cam Newton's Friends And Enemies

Your 2011 NFL Mock Draft top 10 depends in large part on how you feel about Cam Newton. And how you feel about Cam Newton is, unless you have the only moderate opinion about him in the country, on display in this WalterFootball draft mailbag. One writer suggests that Blaine Gabbert was playing pedestrian football while Cam Newton made the SEC "look like Pop Warner football" in the midst of a controversy that, for some people, apparently can be turned into a positive. 

Another suggests that Carolina's "fascist" owner would never draft "$cam Newton", not right after he hoodwinked the Nationally Corrupt Athletic Association into allowing his cheating and defrauding to go on while they "scapegoated his old man." But the "2011 Akili Smith", "a tailback taking snaps", is another man's top-three pick, and the franchise quarterback the Buffalo Bills need.

Few players have engendered quite so much controversy as Cam Newton, and with the 2011 NFL Draft less than a month away I see no reason for that to abate any time soon, no matter where he's taken. So don't take that Google Alert off just yet, Jimmy Clausen