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2011 NFL Draft Picks: St. Louis Rams Take Wide Receiver In Third

The St. Louis Rams didn't get Julio Jones, but in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft they finally did take a wide receiver, Austin Pettis of Boise State. Pettit is a big, polished, technically proficient wide receiver regarded best for his great hands. He's not a burner or a number-one, but after a few years of watching Laurent Robinson drop passes he should be a major relief to Rams fans looking for a more fully-featured complement to similarly surehanded Danny Amendola

With Lance Kendrick drafted in the second round the Rams have added two interesting pieces to their receiving contingent in 2011, although it still lacks the big marquee threat Rams fans and Sam Bradford might have been hoping for. 

One thing's for sure: The Rams know what they're getting with Pettis, who's starred for Boise State all four years and won't take much coaching to get up to speed in the Rams' new offense. He doesn't offer as much dreamability as Mardy Gilyard, but he's much less likely to disappear in 2011's second half.