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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper's St. Louis Rams Backup Plan

Mel Kiper, hair-helmeted Czar of the 2011 NFL Mock Draft, has undertaken the task of choosing backup plans for every team in the draft, and Turf Show Times had a look last night at Kiper's St. Louis Rams selections. Question number one: Is Corey Liuget a backup plan if, as Kiper (and VanRam of TST) has done lately, you've also chosen him as the Rams' initial plan? Or is he saying backup plan in relation to the Rams' all-too-unlikely plan A, which fans have for some time assumed to be drafting Julio Jones? 

VanRam finds especially strange the idea that the Rams are also interested in an outside linebacker, given the Rams' heretofore-understood fascination with defensive ends like Aldon Smith. 

The hair knows things we don't—this is my motto in most things. If Mel Kiper thinks the Rams need an outside linebacker, and he's not performing some kind of unfortunate Jedi mind trick on me, maybe I've been wrong all along? Man, that really wasn't the wide receiver I was looking for...