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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Julio Jones Falls To The Rams In latest SB Nation Mock

The Rams have a few needs that will have to be addressed in the coming Draft and wide receiver is one of the biggest. SB Nation just came out with the latest edition of their 2011 NFL Mock Draft, and they fill that need with Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones at No. 14; likely a welcome sight for Rams fans. Here is their rationale.

For months, No. 14 overall has been the point everyone deems Julio Jones won't slide past. That still holds true today, even though the Rams' need at receiver may be slightly overhyped. Sam Bradford looks like a future star, but he'll need more help to get there.

The Rams need to add some talent around Sam Bradford, and Julio Jones is just about a dream come true. The only way I can see the Rams not taking Jones here is if some other team takes him before they have the chance too. He is an excellent receiving prospect, and would be a good fit with Bradford. But he had a big combine, and his stock may be a little bit too high for the Rams. But if he is on the board, it's just about a no-brainer.