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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Where The Rams Could Turn In the First Two Rounds

April is here, so the 2011 NFL Draft can't be too far away. Today, we're going to look at Walter Football, who is mocking the whole darn thing. For the purpose of this post, we're just going to look at the first two rounds, because looking anything past that is kind of a fool's errand (well, relatively speaking).

In the first round, they have the Rams taking Illinois DT Corey Liuget. Here is their rationale.

St. Louis has to find an upgrade next to Fred Robbins on the defensive front. At 285 pounds, Gary Gibson is just too overmatched.

They don't really talk a lot about how Liuget is a great fit for the Rams, or that they really want him or anything like that. It's almost like this is a "well, since there's nobody else on the board" kind of thing; which I don't think would inspire too many fans. Liuget is a nice player, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams went in a different direction. In the second round, they have the Rams taking Miami's Leonard Hankerson.

St. Louis' No. 1 goal this offseason is to find a play-maker for Sam Bradford. The Rams could not get anything downfield in the ugly season finale at Seattle because of their abysmal receiving corps. Drafting someone like Leonard Hankerson would fix that.

Hankerson would be a great pick in the second round if the Rams are unable to get one of the top-two receivers in the first round. He is a pretty big target and has great hands. He could be the exact type of reliable target that the Rams need to put next to Sam Bradford.