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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Rams Have Share Of Draft Busts

Well, this is one way out of 2011 NFL Mock Draft hypnosis, though I don't know if the cure is any better than the disease—Turf Show Times is running a list of the Top 10 Draft Busts in St. Louis Rams history. Number ten on the list, Joe Klopfenstein, is near and dear to my heart—the year he was picked I decided to go cheap and homerish on my tight ends in fantasy football, so Klop ended up my week-one starter at the position.

Things didn't go well. 

The Rams may not end up with Julio Jones or Robert Quinn when it finally comes time for them to use that 14th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. And that's fine with me, I guess.  I just want to be sure that they won't pick Joe Klopfenstein or Jimmy Kennedy. As TST counts down to the worst draft bust in St. Louis Rams history I can only hope that the Rams braintrust is doing the same painful exercise—trying to figure out what it is that separates the draft stars from the future workout failures.