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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Todd McShay On Corey Liuget Bandwagon

Both ESPN 2011 NFL Mock Draft experts have officially jumped on the Corey Liuget-to-the-St.-Louis-Rams bandwagon, with Todd McShay joining Mel Kiper in sending the Illinois defensive tackle to the Rams with the 14th mock pick in the mock draft. McShay even shares Kiper's concern for the Rams at outside linebacker, but is entranced by Liuget's motor, which, environmentalism be damned, never stops running. 

Kiper and McShay both take wide receivers for the Rams in their mock second rounds, but they diverge here, a little; Kiper likes Senior Bowl star Leonard Hankerson, while McShay goes with Kentucky's Randall Cobb. Turf Show Times seems displeased by the pick—in the comments it seems like the consensus is that Cobb is a major reach, plucked out of the ether because McShay needed to make it clear that he knew the Rams needed a wide receiver. 

It'll be interesting, once I've gotten over my Julio Jones-related angst, to see whether the Rams do end up skipping out on the 2011 NFL Draft's mass of interesting defensive ends in favor of Liuget, after all.