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NFL Draft Grades: Seattle Seahawks' Offensive Line Binge

The Seattle Seahawks' quarterback situation is still a bit of a mess, unless you're Charlie Whitehurst's mom—Matt Hasselbeck might not be long for the Pacific Northwest, and in the 2011 NFL Draft the Seahawks, linked at times to local star Jake Locker, didn't take a quarterback at all. But take note, handers-out of NFL Draft grades: in the first and third rounds the Seahawks indirectly got at their quarterback situation, drafting James Carpenter and John Moffitt to replenish their offensive line. 


Field Gulls likes this draft even though nothing seems to stick out to them, and I have no idea about the draft even though nothing seems to stick out to me. James Carpenter felt like an overdraft, a definite need pick, but it's hard to accuse a football team of being too eager to draft a non-skill position—this isn't going to start a Cam Newtonian rush to buy season tickets, so far as I can tell. 


Overall our SB Nation colleagues give this draft a B- and a pretty-pretty-pretty-good, and I can't quite argue with that. One commenter says he likes this draft and adds, "COME AT ME BRO!" When it comes to offensive linemen, I just don't have the energy or the information to do same. 


But at some point somebody has to throw the ball.