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NFL Draft 2011: Patriots Trade Eagles For Fun To Be Had Later

The seventh round of the 2011 NFL Draft is a low-impact place, like a Wikipedia sandbox, or just a real sandbox. Time slows down; news travels as through molasses, or a late-period Smashing Pumpkins album. When the things you do have no discernable effect on the world around you your actions can get a little loopy—like, padded-wall loopy. That's the only explanation for the trade the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles made in the seventh round over the weekend, which saw the Patriots kick the Eagles the 193rd pick in exchange for... the 194th pick. 

As a St. Louis Rams fan it should be clear to everyone concerned that i consider the New England Patriots the least-fun team in the world. The Eagles are slightly more fun, since they've given us the opportunity to turn Michael Vick jokes into our very own tribute to Norm MacDonald's coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial, but still not especially thrilling. 

That said—I can find no fault with this deal, which was announced near the very front of the last day of picks. Well done, Patriots and Eagles; you've made the 193rd and 194th picks a million percent more interesting than they were in 2010.