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Mel Kiper's 2011 Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams Score High On Needs Side

Mel Kiper's 2011 draft grades are out, and with a twist—they're split into two parts. And the St. Louis Rams managed to score an A- in the one that's less impressive. So there's that! The Rams' draft, headlined by Robert Quinn, scores an A- in terms of filling the team's needs, perhaps because there were so many, but only a B- in terms of value, thanks perhaps to the overdraft vibe coming off tight end Lance Kendricks, selected in the second round.

Their B score puts them in the middle of the pack, but on the high end of the middle, and tops among the NFC West squads. The Arizona Cardinals got a C on needs and an A- on value, which makes sense—it was clear from the beginning that they had no intention of drafting based on perceived needs, and they hit their own internal targets by grabbing players like Patrick Peterson.

The San Francisco 49ers went the other direction, and didn't do as well at it—earning a B for needs and a C for value, as Mel Kiper considers Colin Kaepernick a reach. The Seattle Seahawks finished dead last, reaching for players like James Carpenter and not filling their needs, particularly at quarterback, anyway.

These grades are premature, of course—it's a little like being handed your report card on seat-assignment day—but I can't blame Mel Kiper for wanting to get as much limelight time as possible before he's sent back into forced hibernation for the next 10 months.