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2012 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams Take Michael Floyd In Unbelievably Premature Mock

SB Nation is not one to do things halfway. With 2011 NFL Draft coverage finally winding down, at least for a moment, they decided to take the next step and release their first 2012 NFL Mock Draft Saturday. The bad news: The San Francisco 49ers are tabbed to select Andrew Luck, the second coming of Andrew Luck. The good news: The St. Louis Rams are tabbed to make the playoffs and pick Michael Floyd, a popular selection at the beginning of 2011 NFL Mock Draft season.

Obviously stuff like this is absurd a full year from draft day, but there's something strangely satisfying about it. Floyd would be a great fit for the Rams, who will have a full year to decide which of their selection of slightly dented and remaindered wide receivers should stick around just in time to select the No. 1 they couldn't get their hands on last year. And they'd make the playoffs!

One question, though: Is it possible for the Rams to select Julio Jones this year?