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NFL Rumors: Randy Moss, New England Patriots Not A Love Match

The New England Patriots, one of the teams recently linked in a lockout-inspired bout of NFL Rumors to Randy Moss, are apparently not interested in their old flame, according to CSN New England. The New York Jets were the other team, besides the St. Louis Rams, who were tied to Moss in recent conjecture. Considering Josh McDaniels's defection to St. Louis, any prior-success-based arguments for Moss returning to the Patriots really make more sense in the Edward Jones Dome, if they make any sense at all. In addition to the Rams' constant need for a true-number-one wide receiver—i.e., someone whose name people know—it makes for an interesting, entirely circumstantial case. 

Of course, the question to ask at that point is whether Moss remains a number-one receiver. His 2010 season was a disaster, but just one year removed from catching 13 touchdown passes and averaging 15 yards per reception seems to me a little early to write off one of the best receivers in NFL history. Moss is a head-case, and he's now a 34-year-old headcase, but if the Rams are willing to gamble he could make a huge difference in their immediate future.