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NFL Rumors: Kevin Kolb Is The NFC West's Great Quarterback Hope

Kevin Kolb might not be wanted any longer in Philadelphia, where Mike Vick has made dogfighting relevant again, but if the persistent NFL trade rumors are any indication he'll find a much more receptive crowd somewhere in the NFC West, where both the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks find themselves in need of a new quarterback, and fast. The Cardinals began the 2010 season with Derek Anderson and ended it, predictably, with somebody else, namely rookie John Skelton; the Seahawks continued to ride Matt Hasselbeck, who's near the end of the line with only Charlie Whitehurst behind him. 

Kolb would be wasted behind Vick in Philadelphia, but given Vick's all-out style of play it makes sense to have a competent backup for injury's sake; the Eagles will probably trade him, but they don't really need to, which gives them additional leverage when it comes time to ask for compensation. With rumors having it that some teams think the current requests are out of line it's an open question whether Kolb will even be in another uniform after the NFL lockout finally lifts. He could, much to his chagrin, find himself holding clipboards again.