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NFL Rumors: Chad Ochocinco's Bull-Riding Career Is Over, Wide Receiving Career In Stasis

Chad Ochocinco recently decided to ride a bull, thereby staking his claim for weirdest NFL Lockout part-time job, but the NFL rumor mill is less interested in his bull riding—which was over, for what it's worth, after 1.5 seconds—and more interested in where he'll be in 2011, following a season with the Cincinnati Bengals that ended with him tweeting "my time is up" with the club. (Maybe he's just a big Carson Palmer fan?) Before we go any further, here's the bullriding video (he's the terrified-looking guy in the helmet. On top of the bull. Riding it.) 

Okay, okay—now that we can concentrate again, it's worth noting that Chad Ochocinco might be a little older than you remember—he's 33, having been a perfectly capable wide receiver for a while before he became a wacky media star. His last brilliant season was his 93-reception campaign in 2007, but it's worth noting that between disappointments he managed a very capable 2009. 

As for the four pillars test—well, Steve Spagnuolo is not likely to be happy. Not even if he comes to camp named Chad Fourpillars.