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Photographic Evidence That Sam Bradford Isn't Always Suave

Hats off to SB Nation's NFL hub for finding photographic evidence of the only time Sam Bradford has ever looked awkward on film. The St. Louis Rams' dreamiest savior was recently made to appear in a promotional video for Madden 12, and he couldn't quite pull off the cool detachment required to pretend that you're standing on an actual field next to your actual, polygonal self.




Or maybe he's just a big NFL 2K fan. 


In any case, I don't want this to leave this blog network, all right? The Rams have a lot riding on Sam Bradford's continued perfection. If it gets out that he looked awkward just this once, the Edward Jones Dome could be demolished as soon as Friday; Steven Jackson could have his house on the market by Sunday; and on Wednesday the Rams will be fitted for their goofy Los Angeles spray tans. By August they'll be so entrenched in the Los Angeles popular culture that ESPN will start paying attention to them.