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Reggie Bush Could Remain With New Orleans Saints On The Cheap

Reggie Bush's St. Louis Rams fanbase has grown ever larger since he tweeted his disappointment with the New Orleans Saints in the wake of their drafting Mark Ingram, but it looks like he might yet remain a Saint after all—SB Nation notes that he's been saying all the right things since that ill-advised social-networking jot left his keyboard in April. 

I don't think any kind of personal dispute will end Bush's career in New Orleans—it's all about the personnel. I'm hard-pressed to find room for Bush among Mark Ingram, Chris Ivory, and Pierre Thomas, personally, but if the Saints somehow see differently they're not going to feel put-off by one tweet, or even one top-eight snub on MySpace. 

As for the Rams, Bush would seem like the perfect change-of-pace back for a team that doesn't want to rock Steven Jackson's boat—he won't take a lot of carries but he could have serious impact on the Rams' offense by way of acting as Sam Bradford's local home run threat. But I'm not sure the Rams are ready to fork over any more than the Saints are.