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NFL Draft Grades: St. Louis Rams Draft Average, Per USA Today

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NFL Draft grades are coming in from across the internet, and USA Today offers the latest, giving the St. Louis Rams what's become an increasingly customary B- for their 2011 NFL Draft. Robert Quinn has been lauded as a great pick by all parties concerned, but I think draft critics are struggling to decide what to make of the rest of the Rams' draft, which seemed to address the team's wide receiver needs by quantity rather than quality. 

I think a full reckoning of this draft won't be possible until we see just what Josh McDaniels's Rams offense looks like. The dual tight end system the Rams plan to implement could mean big touchdown numbers for Lance Kendricks and Michael Hoomanawanui, and it'll take at least a year for the Rams to sift through what is now a pretty large pile of interesting-but-flawed wide receivers—Austin Pettis and Greg Salas, along with Donnie Avery, Danario Alexander, Danny Amendola, and Brandon Gibson

After that the grade might go up—because right now the Rams seem to have earned a B- just for the incredible luck of being able to choose Robert Quinn.