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Kevin Kolb To Arizona Cardinals Called An NFL Lockout "Slam Dunk"

A question for the NFL rumor philosophers out there: Is it possible for a trade conceived in the middle of the NFL lockout to be considered a "slam dunk"? On the subject of the Arizona Cardinals getting together with deposed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback of the future Kevin Kolb, Sal Paolantonio believes so

In terms of nearly everything you can quantify and discuss about NFL trade rumors this one makes sense; Kolb has no future in Philadelphia, while the Cardinals have nobody ahead of John Skelton on the depth chart and a good-enough team that it makes sense for them to trade for a competent quarterback and try to win in 2011, in the still-weak NFC West. 

But there are tens of plausible trade rumors out there in every sport at any moment, and what makes them a slam dunk isn't the seemingly perfect logistics; in the end, it can frustratingly only come down to just how much and how productively the two sides have been talking. With every side not doing much talking over the course of the NFL lockout it's just hard to see a way to calling this a sure thing just yet, even though it should be.