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Chad Ochocinco Rumored To Be On His Way Out Of Cincinnati

Chad Ochocinco might not have any of St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo's four pillars of character, but it's looking increasingly likely that America's favorite bullrider will be on his way out with the Cincinnati Bengals soon after the NFL Lockout ends. And Len Pasquarelli is now reporting that the Atlanta Falcons, a long-rumored landing spot for the wide receiver/media mogul/pariah, aren't interested in sponsoring the next season of the Chad Ochocinco show. It would be a risky move for a team that's being built, ostensibly, for maximum locker-room cohesion, but as the list of suitors for Ochocinco's services fall so does his price. 

Picking Ochocinco up and expecting a star performance from the thirtysomething is out of the question—and paying for those expectations even moreso. But as a reclamation project with a small chance of giving Sam Bradford number-one production at the front of a young receiving corps he becomes a much more palatable option. 

And if all else fails, he'll at least get people to talk about the Rams in St. Louis when he decides to try out for the Blues.