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Plaxico Burress: New York Giants Could Save Rams, Jets From Themselves

Plaxico Burress has been rumored to go to the St. Louis Rams, among other receiver-poor teams, following his extended stint in for-real prison, but it could be that the New York Giants end up saving the Rams from themselves by welcoming Burress back to their own receiving corps, per rumors on Twitter. I would think that the last team on earth that would want Plaxico Burress is someone who's already had to deal with him, but the NFL—particularly during the lockout—moves in mysterious ways. 

Of course, other options still exist. Michael Vick has, somehow, decided it was in his best interest to officially endorse Burress for the Philadelphia Eagles, which—if nothing else I have to give him credit for his refusal to give into public pressure. The Giants themselves have said they're not sold on Burress, although Eli Manning believes he's served his time and then some and is excited he's getting out. 

So far it seems like interest in Burress's return has divided mostly along NFL Lockout lines—the players are interested, the owners not so much. We'll see whether this debate goes in a direction other than longterm stalemate.