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Torry Holt Wants A Comeback; Do The St. Louis Rams Want Torry Holt?

Former St. Louis Rams great Torry Holt seemed to lean toward retirement after a knee injury ended his 2010 season with the New England Patriots before it began, but now Holt, who is doing some volunteer coaching for the Rams during the NFL lockout phantom-workout, is saying he'll keep his options open whenever the offseason finally begins, and that he hasn't officially retired. Question: are the Rams interested in their temporary coach for some more contact-related activity?

Turf Show Times is skeptical. Holt would be a great story, and I'm not sure he would be the worst wide receiver on the Rams roster to get regular targets from Sam Bradford, but after the 2011 NFL Draft the Rams are up to their earholes in questionable wide receivers with both flaws and positives—Danario Alexander, Donnie Avery, and (probably) Mark Clayton with injuries, Mardy Gilyard, Austin Pettis, and Greg Salas with inexperience, Brandon Gibson and Laurent Robinson with, uh, roster spots. Torry Holt could play better than any of those guys, but he's a tough bet to do something to distinguish himself from them.