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Randy Moss, New York Jets Still Connected, Rams Mum On Receiver

Randy Moss, the top veteran headcase wide receiver in a season of NFL rumors devoted to veteran headcase wide receivers, remains connected to the New York Jets in an offseason abbreviated by the NFL Lockout, with Mark Sanchez recently playing coy about the recent whisperings. The St. Louis Rams, another team with a young quarterback and a limited set of wide receivers, have had the same rumors, but no reporter has yet approached Sam Bradford to make a non-denial denial about it. 

Moss is a deeply divisive wide receiver—both one of the best to ever play football and one of the most likely to wear out his welcome within two or three years, or months, or games of joining a team—but it would be hard to suggest a scenario in which he doesn't help a receiving corps on the level of the Rams or the Jets. 

Unfortunately, all of this remains academic until the NFL Lockout ends and teams are permitted, once more, to talk to players. In the meantime, the press will keep talking to players about other players.