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New York Jets Owner: Randy Moss Has "God-Given Talent" To Be Superstar

Randy Moss remains little more than a league-wide rumor so long as the NFL Lockout is in place, but after plenty of comments from the league's players and coaches we can add one from the other side of the lockout picket line—New York Jets owner Woody Johnson says Moss "has the God-Given talent to be a superstar", among other mostly laudatory things, although he stops short of saying anything that could get the NFLPA on his case.

The Jets have long been a suspected target for the mercurial wide receiver, but this is the first time someone with the pursestrings in hand has made a comment about him. 

Moss caught 28 balls in 2010 for 393 yards between three teams in the worst season of his 13-year career. It might be meaningful that none of the teams he played for that year have any desire to see him return, but given his 153 career receiving touchdowns it's likely that someone will be taking a flyer on him once the lockout is finally resolved.