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NFL Draft Grades: Greg Salas And Austin Pettis Neck And Neck For Rams

Austin Pettis and Greg Salas are likely, thanks to the vagaries of the 2011 NFL Draft, to be connected in articles like this for the rest of their career. That means everything—their playing time, their long-term futures in the NFL and with the St. Louis Rams, and, of course, their premature NFL Draft grades. Turf Show Times takes a look at some early reports that have Salas, the fourth-round pick, ranked ahead of third-rounder Pettis, which—is it an overdraft if the pick afterward is an underdraft?


What these talking heads like about Salas is his versatility—Greg Cossell suggests in a tweet that Salas could play the slot or on the outside, which is useful for a Rams team that has a number of options they need to evaluate across the wide receiver spectrum. 


Compared to the Rams' personnel we've seen to date, they're almost identical as players—they're both strong and they both know how to catch the ball, which is big news for a team that threw the ball to Laurent Robinson on purpose last year.


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