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Kurt Warner In Kerfuffle Following NFL Lockout Comments

Kurt Warner's comments in a recent USA Today article about the NFL lockout have earned him the ire of at least one active NFL player—Chester Pitts says in a CBS Sports article that when he heard the former St. Louis Rams star's comments he was "disappointed" and "disheartened" to hear Warner make comments that seemed in favor of the owners' positions "now that he's retired and wealthy." 

Warner's comments are, on their face, more pragmatic than ideological; he suggested that "The players have too much to lose. And as much as I hate to say it, at some point, the players have to give in." But Pitts, offensive guard for the Seattle Seahawks, doesn't appreciate the idea of the players giving in now because he views the lockout as "a marathon, not a sprint." 

Football players are in a uniquely weak bargaining position among the three major American sports; Pitts senses that, and it's clear that he thinks an early resolution to the lockout on the part of the players would do nothing but weaken them further.