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2011 NFL Draft: Saints Like Running Backs, Al Davis Likes Brains

At the eerily consistent Turf Show Times, a 2011 NFL Draft recap in the form of statements made, ostensibly, by each team. For instance: The New Orleans Saints explaining their love for "runnin backs don hyah" in a startlingly perfect dialect that sings the virtues of ol Reggie, Chris Ibory, and, you guessed it, Mike Bell. A statement from the Oakland Raiders on—well, on Al Davis eating brains. The Rams intone on Josh McDaniels's extremely aggressive, extremely idiosyncratic plans for his newly expanded litter of flawed pass-catchers.

That's what I enjoyed about the Rams' draft, if nothing else: The Lance Kendricks, Austin Pettis, Greg Salas run made a clear statement—to the effect that Josh McDaniels has his ideas about offense, and the Rams are, at least this year, ready to accede to them entirely. Sometimes that doesn't work perfectly—were teams really clamoring for Lance Kendricks?—but after a year of watching the permanently indecisive, tentative Pat Shurmur offense I like the team's new-found single-mindedness.

I hope, even, that it extends to when they're allowed to practice...