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Undrafted Free Agent Signings: St. Louis Rams In NFL Lockout Limbo

The St. Louis Rams' two most-effective wide receivers in 2010, faint though that praise might be, were undrafted free agent signings. Danario Alexander's knee made him damaged goods when NFL Draft picks would normally have been lined up at his beck and call; Danny Amendola was exactly the kind of player who does not get drafted and eventually sticks with a team like the Rams. But the NFL Lockout has delayed the college free agent season, leaving that class of player in the lurch until the players and owners can come to some kind of agreement. 

At National Football Post Jack Bechta argues that the lockout might actually be an advantage for 2011's undrafted free agent signings. They'll come into the situation with more knowledge, and with teams that have had more time to assess their own needs for the coming season. That might lead to fewer early cuts for the players unlucky enough to miss being Mr. Irrelevant, and some more reasonable expectations for production from those same players for the teams.