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NFL Lockout: Players, Owners Talk Ahead Of Appeals Court Ruling

The NFL lockout continues to roll on, cutting through a swath of the NFL offseason heretofore allocated to posts about what Plaxico Burress plans to do with his newfound freedom and free agency, but the players and owners continue to talk ahead of the appeals court's ruling, which is expected sometime in July. As Joel Thorman says, the sense of pervasive gloom and pessimism seems to have lifted after recent attempts at a reconciliation on the part of both sides, but we still have little in the way of actual good news to show for all this good feeling.

The players and owners must realize by now that they're cutting into lucrative regular season time with every day that passes, and in the end that's terrible for both sides, who would hate to see a repeat of the 98-99 NBA season, which seemed to sap the entirety of the goodwill that had built up over the MIchael Jordan era, and cast a fog over the NBA that didn't lift fully for years.