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NFL Rumors: Plaxico Burress Might Not Be A Philadelphia Eagles Lock After All

St. Louis Rams fans who hoped that the kremlinology surrounding Plaxico Burress's Phillies cap might mean he wasn't a part of the Rams' future after all should read the following rumor with a heavy heart: The Philadelphia Eagles, for all Michael Vick's lobbying, might not be interested in Burress after all. Apparently having a healthy Jeremy Maclin instead of an unsteady Danario Alexander ruins a team's appetite for potentially self-destructive veteran wide receivers. 

The Rams have yet to show interest in Burress—given the NFL lockout there isn't really any way they could if they wanted to—but the rumor mill continues to focus on their unimpressive but still incredibly crowded wide receiver corps. If the rumor mill knew more about Steve Spagnuolo's outward determination to implement his infamous "Four Pillars" policy, these things might not be spinning so fast.

Just remember that all of this will remain speculation until the end of the NFL lockout, or at least until Plaxico Burress turns his recovery into a reality TV show entitled Becoming Plaxico.