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Plaxico Burress, St. Louis Rams Connected By Yet Another Well-Meaning Writer

At least, I assume Peter King means well when he connects the St. Louis Rams yet again to Plaxico Burress, who fits into Steve Spagnuolo’s system about as well as he fits into Josh McDaniels’s crowded group of wide receivers or his handgun fits into his waistband. For future reference, here are the things that need to be resolved before the Rams and Burress can be profitably connected:

Who do the Rams dump? They just drafted two more wide receivers. They’ve got Danario Alexander and Donnie Avery coming off injuries, Mark Clayton supposedly interested in a return engagement, Danny Amendola having recently led the team in receptions and scrappy white guy hustle, and Brandon Gibson also around.

Why does Steve Spagnuolo do it? Is Plaxico Burress, after a two year layoff, the difference between the Rams missing the playoffs and contending through 2012? Is he worth throwing all that talk about the four pillars into lockdown for at least a year just as Spagnuolo begins to establish himself as the face of the Rams?

Why Burress? Why not Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, or any of the other crazy (but less crazy!) wide receivers likely to be available following the NFL lockout?