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NFL Lockout Talks Briefly Lead To Renewed Player-Owner Acrimony

NFL lockout talks have been renewed this week, but it turns out that Adam Schefter has a little pessimism left in his bag of lockout coverage tricks—he's heard talks "almost blew up" when both sides got back to the bargaining table. Apparently lawyers had to be told to stand down, which is something I'm only familiar with from episodes of Law & Order where Jack McCoy is told he's out of order, but really the judge is out of order.

This isn't great news; it's proof that things might still be tenuous enough to cut into the regular season, which is less optimistic than things seemed when negotiations opened back up. But I'd rather have real news, good or bad, than the delays and nothingness we've had for the last several months.

Instead of that, we have Drew Brees talking about a sense of urgency and some unnamed lawyers getting at each others' throats. If Drew Brees and the unnamed lawyers get at each others' throats we might not even feel sad if the regular season is delayed.