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Chad Ochocinco Apparently Stopped By NFL Lockout From Buying Sporting Goods

Finally, a victim of the NFL lockout we can all worry about: Chad Ochocinco, crazy wide receiver and possible St. Louis Rams acquisition, is mad at Roger Goodell because he can't get his cleats and gloves from his equipment manager, who as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals organization is prevented from talking to his mercurial wide receiver. 

I have to say that the lockout has just gone too far when a poor kid like Chad Ochocinco who just wants to play football, ride bulls, and change his name in funny ways is prevented from going to Dick's Sporting Goods and buying cleats and gloves from the store while his players' union is locked in a life-or-death struggle with the NFL owners. 

Oh, that's not it? And he could just go do that anyway? Sorry, what I meant to say is that Chad Ochocinco is a cartoon character, although I'm still kind of intrigued by the possibility of his becoming the craziest St. Louis sports figure since Marshall Faulk started insisting we call him "Trung Canidate" for a few weeks in 2000.