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Tiki Barber's Comeback Generates Rumors About NFL Future, Not Personal Life, For Once

St. Louis Rams fans hoping against hope that this is the year they find a running back nonthreatening enough for Steven Jackson to accept and competent enough to complement Steven Jackson, be careful what you wish for: Tiki Barber's comeback is fully in gear. At 36 Barber apparently wants one more shot to end his career more pleasantly than he did last time, where a career spent as a popular and well-spoken poster-child for the NFL was derailed by a sordid story involving his divorce. 

Barber has the New York Giants connection in his favor if he were to pursue a comeback opportunity with the Rams, but I think Steve Spagnuolo would have to think twice after these latest revelations—not to mention Barber's spat with Michael Strahan as a Giant—as far as Barber's compatibility with the four pillars goes. (The fifth pillar: Don't leave your pregnant wife for another woman.) 

Barber seems like a long-shot right now—to go anywhere, let alone the Rams—but he has a chance at becoming one of the strangest stories in the NFL next year.