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Erstwhile St. Louis Rams Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger Get Snippy, Have Nothing Better To Do

The NFL lockout has gotten to that point in sitcom episodes set on a stranded subway car where everyone begins to snipe at each other, just because it's really hot in there and they have no water and the dog is about to have puppies and they really don't have anything else to do. Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger, the last two St. Louis Rams quarterbacks of note, are the latest victims of this news vacuum, with Warner's comments about Bulger's relative lack of desire to start in the NFL at this point in his career striking a nerve with unnamed members of the Bulger camp, which is apparently a thing.


Warner, who earlier in the offseason thought the rumors linking Bulger and the Arizona Cardinals made a lot of sense, remarked that football might not be everything to Bulger, and as careful as he was to avoid really criticizing his Rams successor he apparently didn't choose his words well enough.


Personally, I've always thought Bulger got a bum rap here for not looking enough like he cared, and at this point in his career I doubt he has any desire left to try to prove otherwise by, I don't know, foaming at the mouth or whatever it is people like out of their beaten-down quarterbacks.