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NFL Lockout: Mark Clayton Hopes To Resign With St. Louis Rams When He's Allowed

The St. Louis Rams, like all teams, have been barred by the NFL lockout from free agency as we know it. For the most part that's just led to a lot of spurious NFL rumors, but for the Rams it's done something very particular to their roster—it's kept them from resigning veteran wide receiver Mark Clayton, who looked like a sure thing immediately after the NFL season. Clayton spoke with a Tulsa paper about the issue, where he was catching balls from Heisman-winner... Jason White. 

Apparently he'd hoped to work out an extension with the Rams after the season, but the lockout had other plans; now he's spent the rest of the offseason unemployed, while in the meantime the Rams have hired a new offensive coordinator and drafted three rookie pass-catchers of their own. Meanwhile, Donnie Avery, who he was acquired to replace, is working his way back from his own knee injury.

Clayton's less of a sure thing than he was before the season ended, but if the Rams look for a veteran receiver once they're allowed to, he's still one of the easiest bets.