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Plaxico Burress Release: St. Louis Rams Interested In Burress, According To Burress

Mercurial, jailed wide receiver Plaxico Burress, set to be released from prison on June 6, has been linked to the St. Louis Rams in recent days, as NFL lockout-stifled rumors continue to materialize about any number of questionable wide receivers. Unfortunately for Burress and Burress-fans, all that interest appears to be coming from... Plaxico Burress and his camp, according to Turf Show Times. Burress, who hasn't played in the NFL or, say, been inside a Target since 2008, has emerged as one of the major storylines of a mostly storyline-free offseason, with his comeback eagerly awaited by people who stand to benefit from it, mostly. 

I can imagine a universe in which the Rams sign Burress, but given their stated focus on character—Steve Spaguolo's four pillars, et cetera—and the number of questionable-but-talented wide receivers they already have to sift through on the roster it just doesn't make sense in this one. Burress would put the Rams in the news, but given his age and their roster configuration it would be for all the wrong reasons.