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Sam Bradford Earning Leadership Brownie Points During NFL Lockout

All things considered Sam Bradford would probably rather be learning Josh McDaniels's byzantine new playbook this summer, but the good news about his life under the NFL lockout is that he's earning leadership brownie points from the press even faster than he did in the course of leading the St. Louis Rams into a surprise playoff chase during his rookie season. Now Yahoo! is reporting that there's been a "dramatic difference in Bradford's leadership skills"; "leadership wise," sources say, "he was a different person" in the unofficial lockout workouts he's helped to lead than in his rookie season, when he was already lauded for his ability to lead.


The real news from the story: Bradford's taken a lead role in teaching the Rams' new offense to his teammates, at one point putting them up in an actual classroom for some lecturing. I don't want to put too much stock in the idea that Bradford is doing any spectacular team-building during the lockout, but I suppose I can't complain if it looks that way to everybody else. Maybe Bradford is better-suited to teaching the offense to heretofore-invisible Mardy Gilyard than Pat Shurmur was...